‘Tech’ me to the future

‘Tech’ me to the future

Authored by:- Mr. Sudhir Kumar, CEO, itel Mobile India

Had science fiction writers such as Jules Verne or Philip K. Dick been born today, they would have had a hard time making their living due to the rapid advancements in the areas of science and technology. We are fast moving into an era where co-existence with virtual reality will become integral to the way we live, where what was fiction yesterday may become essential to our everyday functioning. Just look at how quickly smartphones and digital devices have become ingrained into the consumer behaviour and business operations.

With technology rapidly moving out of the domain of fiction and becoming an immediate reality, there are several areas which are set to witness unprecedented evolution. Following are some of the many directions that technology can take over the next five years and change the way the world operates forever:

  • Mobile convergence – One of the most disruptive phenomena to have impacted the world today is the smartphone. By enabling anytime accessibility to the nexus of the World Wide Web, these tiny handheld devices have emerged as the focal point of the digitally connected world we are moving towards. From allowing us to connect with our social circles to on-the-go entertainment solutions, smartphones have been the major driving force behind the adoption of tech in everyday life. Considering the fact that the market for smartphones is still thriving and has more than a decade of continuous innovations to its name, they surely hold endless possibilities that are to be explored.
    • Robotics – Imagine checking into a hotel where all your logistics, room service and baggage delivery is being done by robots, or a manufacturing facility where automated machines take care of jobs considered too hazardous for human workers. But before you discard these as mere flights of fancy, think again; most of the manufacturing processes are completely or partially automated, while the hotel in New York is using robotic helpers to aid its guests. Tremendous progress made in the field of robotics has today extended its scope to all segments ranging from defence and medicine to door-to-door grocery deliveries. With more innovations being targeted by researchers across the globe, the day when we have robotic helpers assisting us with everything from household chores to professional responsibilities may not be too far off.


    • Virtual reality Devices – With developments in visualisation technology moving at a very rapid pace, new-age devices such as the Oculus Rift and Gear VR are allowing their users to immerse in a virtual environment by providing a highly engaging experience. Want to be in Paris? Just put on one of these devices and let the Eiffel Tower come to you.


    • Artificial intelligence – Projects that involve reverse engineering the mammalian brain down to the molecular level to develop synthetic yet fully capable machines are being funded by some of the world’s biggest conglomerates. The influence of Artificial Intelligence can be seen in all walks of our life, from speech recognition and image analysis to driverless cars and retinal scans.


    • IOT – The Internet of Things is a vast network of devices and buildings that are equipped with electronic sensor, smart AI-driven software and digital connectivity. This enables the collection, storage and exchange of data and information amongst various interconnected devices which include smart homes, smart grids, automatic transportation and smart cities. This ‘infrastructure of information society’, as it is alternatively referred to, is promises to drive great convenience and comfort for the end-user.


    • Gesture controlled devices – Starting out as clap switches and virtual games, gesture controlled devices have always had an air of novelty rather than utility about them. However, with newer innovations being developed every day, gesture-controlled technologies have a great role to play in critical sectors such as healthcare and transportation.


  • 3D imitation – Probably one of the biggest technological achievements of the last five years, the sophistication of 3D printing is set to revolutionize the manufacturing industry of the future. Pioneering work is being done to provide essential services such as food via 3D printers, which if put into large-scale production, can have an unforeseen positive impact on the global economy.

The progress in technology has fast brought us to the cusp of a digital re-evolution. As things stand, digital tools are set to influence the very fabric of humanity in its most fundamental aspects. One thing, though, is certain – tech geeks will find their hands full with great gadgets to tinker with over the next five years!